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Bryan Joseph Fagan: A Devoted Advocate for Texas Families


Bryan Joseph Fagan is a passionate champion for Texas families, driven by a lifelong commitment to the legal profession. His journey as a lawyer was inspired by the pages of John Grisham’s “The Pelican Brief,” which fueled his dream of specializing in family law.


Bryan’s roots are firmly planted in Atascocita, a close-knit town in Northeast Houston. He stands as the first lawyer in his family, having pursued his legal education at South Texas College of Law. It was during his time in law school that Bryan honed his skills and passion for family law while working at a family law litigation firm.


Family holds a central place in Bryan’s life. He adeptly balanced his undergraduate studies with caring for his grandmother, who battled Alzheimer’s disease. Post-law school, he embarked on a new chapter, marrying and welcoming three children into his family: James, Arron, and Emily. Bryan’s personal challenges, including the unexpected loss of his father, have fortified him both on a personal and professional level.


Bryan’s profound appreciation for family is the driving force behind his innovative, paperless approach to family law, with a steadfast emphasis on delivering top-notch service. As a certified member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, he is part of an exclusive group of legal professionals dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth.

Throughout his distinguished career, Bryan has provided legal representation to a wide array of family law clients, addressing matters including divorce, child custody, adoption, and mediation. He possesses expertise in crafting marital property agreements and staunchly defending families against unjust CPS allegations.



Bryan, alongside his dedicated team, caters to clients in Houston and its neighboring regions. They are actively involved in the Houston Family Law Sector of the Houston Bar Association and various esteemed Texas family law organizations.



As a business proprietor, devoted husband, and father, Bryan intimately understands the challenges faced by his clients. His shared life experiences and unwavering commitment to family values position him as the perfect advocate for families navigating the intricate landscape of Texas family law.

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